Planning & Consultancy

A knowledgeable, professional commercial partner

Meeting regulations and quality standards is fundamental to any commercial project. We have long experience of working with local planning authorities and have a clear understanding of the type of construction they tend to support. 

At an early stage we can advise you on whether the building or development you have in mind is likely to be realistic, in context of your site, budget and local planning controls. We'll recommend approaches and ideas that we've found to be functional and cost effective.

We can provide a commercial architect with experience in your sector or type of premises to draw up plans and we can take them through the planning process on your behalf, or support you to do it yourself. We'll adapt and flex our proposals to find the right solution that meets your needs and those of external bodies.

New commercial building techniques and materials are constantly being developed. Meeting environmental standards and ensuring that buildings are cost effective to maintain and service are increasingly important to our clients. We can recommend the latest heating, lighting and infrastructure systems and innovative materials, so your finished premises once in use performs optimally against budgets as well as user and client needs.

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